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Business Strategy Run a Better Manufacturing Operation
SAP manufacturing industry solutions can meet the needs of a one-plant operation, a large, multinational manufacturing enterprise, or anything in between. Ask BTS Solutions how you can go live on SAP manufacturing software that enables you to:

BTS Solutions delivers SAP Automotive Industry solutions that deliver the functionality and visibility to help automotive manufacturers and suppliers run leaner, more nimble businesses. These solutions enable you to:

  • Streamline processes from design to delivery.
  • Deliver role-based information to your entire workforce.
  • Align your production schedule with customer demand.
  • Track your materials and products at all stages of production.
  • Implement reliable environmental, health, and safety measures.
  • Embrace Lean Manufacturing
Lean manufacturing techniques can help you run more efficient, sustainable operations that not only keep environmental regulators happy, but also boost your bottom line. SAP's integrated manufacturing solutions help you synchronize your high-level business processes with local execution teams so that you can get more out of your resources and your labor. SAP manufacturing software also delivers the visibility and flexibility you need to monitor performance across your business and drive continual increases in your manufacturing yield.

Increase Collaboration and Manage Quality Worldwide
When your teams around the world collaborate effectively online, your company can respond much more quickly to changes in your market - without sacrificing product quality. SAP manufacturing industry software lets you integrate your engineering and manufacturing functions to ensure shorter cycle times and less rework. SAP solutions also help you track and trace quality issues worldwide so that you can take corrective action before problems damage your brand or hinder your financial performance.

Partner with Us for Your SAP Manufacturing Implementation
If you're ready to streamline your operations and protect your profit margins by embracing lean manufacturing, BTS Solutions can help. We enable companies like yours to go live quickly on SAP manufacturing solutions that the world's largest manufacturers trust to help them guide their businesses to new levels of profitability. Get more information.


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