Automotive Industry

The fast-changing automotive industry is presenting you with new revenue opportunities. But you can only respond if you have the real-time information you need to enhance your processes, use your cash strategically, and drive innovative product development. BTS Solutions delivers SAP Automotive Industry solutions and consulting services that enable automotive companies of all sizes to meet business objectives like these. We've spent the past 11 years helping automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and aftermarket manufacturers stay one step ahead of their competition.

Innovate Faster
Your customers continue to expect more innovative products at a lower cost - and they won't compromise on quality. That leaves you with two options: settle for less than your already-thin margins, or find ways to manufacture more efficiently and cost-effectively.

BTS Solutions delivers SAP Automotive Industry solutions that deliver the functionality and visibility to help automotive manufacturers and suppliers run leaner, more nimble businesses. These solutions enable you to:

  • Design and manufacture your products more cost-effectively.
  • Make more strategic procurement decisions.
  • Synchronize your planning, scheduling, manufacturing, and maintenance operations.
  • Manage products effectively throughout their entire lifecycle.
  • Drive ongoing improvements using insights from your operational, maintenance, and planning data.
  • Outpace Rival OEMs and Suppliers
If you don't find a way to develop and manufacture the next breakthrough automotive part, then chances are, one of your competitors will. Remove obstacles to innovation with customized SAP Automotive Industry solutions for automotive OEM manufacturers and suppliers. By collaborating online with your partners and the other companies in your value chain, you can increase the efficiency of your entire manufacturing operation. Speeding up your design process not only protects your profit margins, but also increases the chance you'll be first to market with a trend-setting component.

Make Your Supply Chain Your Strength
Manage all your sourcing, procurement, and contract functions within a single, integrated platform. BTS Solutions delivers SAP solutions that contain procurement processes specifically designed for the way automotive companies purchase supplies. With a better view of demand and spending, you can negotiate better deals while reducing your overall supply chain risk.

Find Out More Now
Don't miss out on the insights that can give you an edge in your highly competitive industry. Contact BTS Solutions to find out how tailored SAP solutions can provide greater visibility across your product lifecycles, help you collaborate more closely with your supply chain partners, and deliver the information you need for smarter decision making. Get more information.


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