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If today's employees are known as "knowledge workers", then why do we present them with so many barriers to business information? The data and insight they need should always be right at their fingertips. That's why BTS Solutions provides SAP business intelligence services that help companies go live on powerful BI solutions. Work with our SAP business intelligence experts to give your employees the tools they need to make faster, better decisions.

The Benefits of SAP BI Implementation
Well-informed employees are productive employees. When your decision-makers can instantly access the complete, accurate information they need, they can act with confidence and achieve better results. BTS Solutions provides SAP business intelligence services designed to help you run your business on fact-based decisions - not educated guesses.

With SAP business intelligence solutions, you can:
Let employees access information without involving the IT department.
Enhance collaboration during all your major decisions.
Gain a better view of your overall business performance.
Use key performance indicators to track results and increase accountability in each department.
Increase your confidence in every business decision.

BTS Solutions's SAP business intelligence experts provide services for:
SAP BusinessObjects. This flexible, scalable BI solution helps all your stakeholders discover and share the insights that drive better business decisions. It allows decision-makers to access the exact data they need without involving the IT department. Learn more

SAP Analytics. SAP analytics solutions can help you master business planning, regulatory compliance, profitability, and more. With a clear picture of your overall business performance, your stakeholders can make the decisions that keep you ahead of your competition. Learn more Netweaver Business Warehouse. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse allows your business to consolidate and integrate data across all facets of your enterprise and convert it into information to make sound decisions that spur successful business results. Learn more


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